Car Wrap Costs 2021
Written by Craig B

Car Wrap Costs 2021

The average cost for a vehicle, in this case a car, wrap is $6,000 with prices ranging from $2,000 to upwards of $10,000 for the US in 2021.

Car owners are always looking for a form of customization to give their car the personal touch. And vinyl wrapping has become one of the newest and most stylish methods for achieving this. When you want your vehicle to look different and have a picture in your mind of the look you want, then it is time to consider the cost. Read on to learn more about car wraps!

Options & Colors

Essentially, a car wrap is several very large decals made from vinyl applied to every single panel of your car and covering the entire body of the car. Clearly, none of the vehicles original paint color will be visible on the outside and in that way a wrap is very similar to a new paint job. When a wrap is correctly applied and maintained, it can even help to protect your cars paint as opposed to damaging it. There are various finishes available in a wide range of colors including matte and glossy finishes as well as metallic color and chrome options to be had. As the wraps are designed by computer, there are almost endless designs and graphics available lending your car a unique style all of its own. Wraps can be placed strategically on the car, for example, to the doors or the hood or the complete exterior of the vehicle. Wraps that are clear are almost invisible and are often used by car owners so the front of their car can be protected from chips caused by debris and stones.

Condition of The Vehicle

The success of the wrap is somewhat contingent on the condition of your car. Dings, dents and scratches will show up and chipped paint or corrosion can mean the vinyl decals will not be able to affix themselves properly to your car. Wisely some shops will not perform a wrap on a car or offer a guarantee or even a warranty is the paint on the car is peeling and there is oxidation that is plain to see. When applied to such a surface, a wrap loses a great deal of its longevity. However if your car is in optimum shape you can expect your wrap to keep looking great for around 4 to 5 years – although that number can differ depending on exposure to the elements and the climate the car operates in. It also becomes more difficult to remove the wrap after that period of time.

The Application Process

Firstly, the surface paint on your car has to be thoroughly cleaned and be as smooth as possible prior to the wrap job. This process is laborious and can take several business days to complete to a high standard. In basic terms, the car starts with a a very thorough wash, then the car is detailed and a power washing process may also be applied as this assists the decals to adhere to the surface of the car in a better fashion. Once this process is complete, the shop may then remove headlights, taillights and bumper covers so the vinyl wrap can be taken to the edges and inside awkward to reach parts of the exterior. While it is true a wrap may be applied without this work, a better result is almost certain if the shop is granted the additional time to remove the aforementioned parts so they can work around the tougher areas. When the material is being applied, a heat gun if often utilized in order to work the vinyl on to the surface of the car. The more advanced wraps and graphics may take several layers to get the desired look. The whole surface of the car is then checked for any imperfections or air bubbles that have formed and the wrap is them smoothed out across the surface to give a faultless appearance.

Care & Maintenance

The climate in the area of the country you reside in has an impact on how much care and maintenance you need to practice in order to keep the wrapped car in tip-top shape. Baking sun and very high temperatures can cause the wrap to break down as time passes. In ideal circumstances, the car should be covered with a car cover or protected by being kept in a garage. However, there are also concerns if you live in a state that has a cooler climate. When it snows, the vinyl takes a beating from the salt that is applied to road surfaces. However, if you are fortunate enough not to live in a harsh environment, the wrap can last you four to five years. It is usually a simple process to remove or change a wrap. If the vinyl has fused to the paint surface you can expect to pay up to around $500 as it may not easily come off.

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