Custom Neon Signs Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa

Custom Neon Signs Phoenix and Tempe

If you are searching for “neon signs“, “custom neon signs“, “neon bar signs“, “custom neon light design“, “custom indoor neon signs“, “custom logo neon signs“, “neon address sign“, “neon lights made to order“, ” neon light signs near me“, “neon sign board manufacturers” or “neon sign design near me” in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler or anywhere else in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, Davis Signs & Graphics can help! We offer the best neon sign design, fabrication, installation and repair for business owners in the Phoenix Valley! Receive a free custom neon sign quote in Phoenix or Tempe by giving us a call today at (480) 945-0196

Designing, fabricating and installing neon signs can be tough without the help of a professional sign company. Davis Signs & Graphics can make any type of custom neon sign you can think of. Get a free estimate!

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Custom Neon Signs Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa & More

We can design, fabricate, install and repair neon signs in Phoenix, Tempe and the surrounding cities. Neon business signs are a great method of signage and offer much flexibility for customization.

We offer a wide variety of neon signs including: Neon Bar Signs, Neon Sign Boards, Neon Beer Signs, Neon Business Signs, Neon Retail & Department Store Signs and Custom Neon Signs. You can also choose the type of gas used in the sigh including: Neon, Xeon, Argon, Helium and Krypton.

Our Arizona Service Area

Our Arizona Service area includes: Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Glendale and more.

Neon Sign Design

We can custom design your neon sign to have any image, phrase, name or word in it. All of our custom neon signs are made right here in Tempe, Arizona. Our team of sign design professionals will take your ideas and goals and create a sign that is truly magical. No matter what type of neon sign you are looking for, we can build it. We can help with making custom:

  • Custom Logo neon signs
  • Custom indoor office neon signs
  • Custom neon address signs
  • Neon bar signs
  • Custom neon sign boards

Neon Sign Fabrication

Have a sign idea that you need fabricated? We can help with that too. We not only custom fabricate neon signs but we also fabricate a list of other types of business signs from Pole signs and LED signs to Monument signs & Interior office signs.

Neon Sign Installation

When it comes time to install your neon sign, Davis Signs & Graphics can handle sign installation big or small. We have been installing business signs in the Phoenix area for years and have the experience necessary to handle any type of sign installation.

Neon Sign Repair

Having problems with your neon signage? We also offer neon sign repair in Phoenix for business owners who’s sign is lighting up anymore or is having other issues. Our neon sign repair professionals know what is takes to get your sign working again affordably and quickly.

Replace Faulty Neon Tubes

Most of the time just replacing broken or damaged neon tubes will get your sign back up and running again. We offer professional services to repair or replace your faulty neon tubes.

Repair Faulty Neon Transformers

If your neon sign is no longer working, there is a great chance that the transformer has gone out. We can repair or replace your neon transformer to get your neon sign shining bright again.

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Benefits Of Neon Signs

There are many benefits of choosing custom neon signs for your business signage including:

  • Neon signs can be molded into nearly any shape or design
  • Is extremely visible day and night
  • Saves 50-60% more energy compared to traditional lights
  • Neon signs are very durable
  • Can last up to 10-12 years with proper maintenance
  • Can be used anywhere inside or outdoors
  • Attracts new customers to your business
  • One of the most visible types of signage
  • Gives off a warmer light that LED signage

Neon Sign FAQ

How much do neon signs cost?

Depending on what type of neon sign you want, you can expect to pay anywhere from $250 – $35,000. $250 is the cost of a “Open” neon sign, and $35,000 would be the cost of a larger marquee neon sign. To get an accurate estimate you have to contact a professional sign company like Davis Signs & Graphics. We can handle neon sign, design, installation and repair. Read more about neon sign costs.

Who makes neon signs?

Professional sign companies usually design, make and install neon signs.

How long can neon signs last?

According to, ” Neon can last decades. In practical terms the expected life span is between 8 to 15 years for a neon sign powered on 24 hours per day.”

Can Neon Signs Be Repaired?

Yes, neon signs can absolutely be repaired by replacing faulty tubes or transformers.

What is neon sign board?

A neon sign board is a type of signage mostly used by commercial businesses to advertise their business to the public. A neon sign board is usually installed on the exterior of the building. However, some business owners also choose to neon office signs. Neon sign boards light up extra bright and can attract attention to your business day or night.

Free Custom Neon Sign Consultations In Phoenix & Tempe

Schedule your free neon sign design, fabrication, installation or repair consultation in Phoenix today. Receive a free custom neon sign quote in Phoenix by giving us a call today at (480) 945-0196

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If you are searching for "neon signs", "custom neon signs", "neon bar signs", "custom neon light design", "custom indoor neon signs", "custom logo neon signs", "neon address sign", "neon lights made to order", " neon light signs near me" or "neon sign design near me" in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler or anywhere else in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, Davis Signs & Graphics can help!