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What Are Outdoor Business Signs?

An outdoor business sign, also known as an exterior building sign or building mounted sign, is a type of commercial signage installed on the exterior portion of your building to attract new customers.

Custom Outdoor Business Signs In Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa & Chandler

Wee offer custom made business signs in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler and sourounding areas.

  • Outdoor business signs Phoenix
  • Outdoor business signs Tempe
  • Outdoor business signs Mesa
  • Outdoor business signs Chandler

Davis Signs & Graphics can help you create the custom outdoor business sign you have been looking for. We offer outdoor business sign design, fabrication and installation to Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa & Chandler businesses. Take a look at our sign gallery to see more photos of our exterior business signage examples.

Outdoor Pylon Signs

Outdoor Pylon Building Signs

Pylon signs offer the highest visibility and are the clear but winner for exposure to your business! Pylon signs, when compared to monument signs, stand out 2 to 1. With an extra tall pylon sign, you have a much better chance at being seen over your competitors. Learn more about Outdoor Pylon Signs

Outdoor Monument Signs

Outdoor Monument Building Signs

Outdoor monument signs can be installed at varying heights and typically come double-sided. They are usually placed near high traffic areas to help make sure your business is noticed within a shopping complex, office complex or in a building with multiple tenants or stories in the building. Learn more about Outdoor Monument Signs

Outdoor Neon Signs


Custom neon signs offer the most flexibility for business signage customization. You can choose between window neon signs, channel letter neon signs and more. Catch potential customer’s eyes by choosing neon signs to advertise your business. Learn more about Outdoor Neon Signs

Outdoor Multi Location Signs


If you own a chain of multi-location business, you need a commercial sign company that can handle signage for multiple locations. Davis Signs & Graphics can make any sign you need, as many times as you need. We can help with multi location sign design, fabrication and installation. Learn more about Outdoor Multi Location Signs

Outdoor Illuminated LED Signs

Outdoor Illuminated Business Signs

Illuminated LED signs have offer a great visual impact and offer great illumination during the day or night. We handcraft our LED signs using Halo-lit or channel lettering. We can put your custom message, logo or whatever else you want on your LED lit sign. Learn more about Outdoor LED Signs

Outdoor Pole Signs


At Davis Signs, our pole signs can be designed to match to motif or the shopping center or building where your sign will be installed. Large pole signs are great for use near freeway and highway off ramps. Stand out from the competition with a pole sign. Learn more about Outdoor Pole Signs

Outdoor Vinyl Signs


Custom vinyl signs can transform your window into an attractive ad space that will enhance your product or brand. We offer 2 grades of vinyl signs. The first grade has been tested and granted a rating of 2-3 years of outside use and our exterior grade Vinyl is rated at 5-7 years of life. Learn more about Outdoor Vinyl Signs

Outdoor Building Wraps

Outdoor Building Wrap Signs

Building wraps are giant advertisements that are physically attached to your building. Correctly designed building wraps easily grab attention of potential customers. Building wraps can get your brand or message out  in a huge way. Turn your ugly building into a advertising bill board. Learn more about Outdoor Building Wraps

Outdoor Business Sign Ideas

If you are looking for outdoor business sign ideas to get started, take a look at the following links.

Outdoor Building Sign Design, Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Davis Signs and graphics can handle everything you need from outdoor building sign design and installation to repair and maintenance.

Building Sign Design

Looking to design a custom outdoor sign for your business? Davis Sign & Graphics has designed all types of outdoor building signage and would love to speak with you about your signage needs.

Building Sign Fabrication & Installation

We fabricate all of our custom signage in house and offer installation at your convenience. We’ve installed numerous signs around the valley and can make your installation a breeze.

Building Sign Repair

We can help repair outdoor building signs that are no longer lighting up or have burnt out bulbs. We can also help troubleshoot electrical problems that your sign may be having.

Building Sign Maintenance

Keep your sign in good condition requires regular maintenance. We can handle of your signage maintenance needs to keep your sign looking great 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Outdoor Lighted Business Signs  

We offer a variety of outdoor lighted business signs including:

  • LED channel letter signs
  • Neon building signs
  • Outdoor lighted box signs
  • Outdoor changeable letter signs
  • Reverse or Backlit channel letter signs
  • Halo lit, front lit or face lit channel letter signs
  • Lighted pole signs
  • Lighted Pylon signs
  • Lighted Monument signs

Types Of Exterior Building Signage

There are many types of exterior building signage including:

  • Pylon signs
  • Monument signs
  • Neon signs
  • Multi Location signs
  • Illuminated LED signs
  • Pole signs
  • Vinyl signs
  • Building wraps

Benefits Of Outdoor Business Signage

Signs are extremely important when it comes to advertising your business. This ensures that you stand out over your competitors and allow potential customers to find your business easier. Outdoor business signage offers a ton more benefits, including:

Draws Attention

Outdoor business signs are great for attracting attention to your business. Your building sign is visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making your business sign the most important aspect of marketing your business.

Cost Effective

Installing an outdoor business signs is one of the cheapest ways to market your business when compared to print, radio or TV ads. Let customers in your local area find you easier vs running TV and Radio ads to an entire city.

Custom Design Options

You can get your business sign customized to your liking, including color, lighting, size and more. Give us your ideas and we can transform those ideas into reality. We specialize in designing, building and installing outdoor business signage.

How Much Do Exterior Building Signs Cost?

According to Fit Small Business, these are the average costs of outdoor building signage:

  • Fabric Signing: $3 to $9 per sq/ft
  • Painted Plywood: $50 to $500
  • Punched Metal Signboard: $75 to $1,000’s
  • Painted Glass: $150 to $1,000’s
  • Metal Logo and Lettering: $200 to $1,000’s
  • Metal Sign Board: $300 to $1,000’s
  • Rock/Stone Signs: $350 to 10,000’s
  • Awning Signs: $500 to 10,000’s
  • Glass Tube Light Signs: $1,000 to $10,000’s

These prices do not include installation.

*Disclaimer – These are not the prices of Davis Signs & Graphics. Get in contact with us to get an actual quote for your building signage project.

Free Custom Outdoor Building Sign Estimates In Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe & Chandler

Outdoor commercial signs are great for schools, lodgings, organizations and libraries. Receive a free custom outdoor building sign estimate in Mesa, Tempe or Chandler by giving Davis Signs & Graphics a call today at (480) 945 0196.

Outdoor Business Signs
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If you are searching for “outdoor business signs“, “custom outdoor signs“, “exterior building signs“, “outdoor business signage“, “outdoor lighted business signs”, “outdoor commercial signs“, “exterior building signs near me“, “outdoor backlit graphics” or “outdoor business signs near me” in Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe or Chandler, Arizona, Davis Signs & Graphics can help!