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Vehicle Wrap Advertising Benefits, Statistics 2022

If you are searching for vehicle wrap advertising benefits, advertising statistics, pros and cons to vinyl wrapping your car or how much does a full vehicle wrap cost near me, this post should help! Furthermore, if you need vehicle wrap services in Tempe, Mesa or Chandler, Davis Signs and Graphics is the professional installer near you.

Vehicle Wrap Advertising Benefits

  • Turn your car or commercial vehicle into an advertising machine year-round
  • Offer the best cost per thousand impressions compared to other forms of local advertising
  • Gets your company seen by thousands of potential customers per day
  • Vehicle wraps work for you 365 days a year 24 hours a day
  • Depending on the population size in your city, your vehicle wrap can be seen by around $50,000 average viewers per month
  • Advertise your business for less than a cup of coffee

Vehicle Wrap Advertising Statistics

Vehicle wraps are great for catching the eyes of potential customers while you are out on the road. This one of the best types of local advertising you can buy. Here are vehicle wrap advertising statistics:

  • 97% on in-vehicle audiences stated they saw truck-side advertising
  • On average, individual car or vehicle advertising can generate anywhere from 25,000 to 65,000 daily impressions
  • 31% of mobile viewers make buying decisions based on advertisements they see
  • Mobile ads are the most efficient and effective form of local outdoor advertising
  • Based on vehicle wraps lasting around 7 years, your total investment is only about $1.30 per day

Commercial Vehicle Wrap Advertising Statistics

  • Commercial vehicle advertising increases name and brand recognition by 15 times or more than other types of ads
  • In General, Americans spend about 15 hours or more in a car per week
  • In stop and go traffic on regular bases, this is the perfect marketing opportunity
  • Mobile ads reach consumers who aren’t exposed to TV, radio, and newspaper
  • Reach all audiences, backgrounds, genders, ages, families, and professionals

Pros & Cons To Vinyl Wrapping Your Car or Commercial Vehicle

There are many pros and only a few cons to vinyl wrapping your car or commercial vehicle:

Vehicle Wraps Pros

There are many pros to installing a vehicle wrap on your car or commercial vehicle including:

  • Lower cost than almost any other form of adverting
  • Doesn’t take long to install – usually installed within a day or two
  • Unlimited design options – a Larger variety of finish and color options when compared to painting
  • Vehicle wraps are removable if you decide you no longer wish to have
  • Paint protection is one of the major pros of vehicle wraps

Vehicle Wrap Cons

There are very few cons when it comes to wrapping your vehicle:

  • Bad quality vinyl material from non-professional installers can harm your paint
  • An unprofessional vehicle wrap installer could leave your wrap with curves and sloppy edges
  • Costs more to have a professional install the way
  • Specialty film and chrome film can become extremely expensive

How Much Does A Full Vehicle Wrap Cost

This is a question Davis Signs & Graphics gets asked all the time but it is hard to give a general estimate seeing that there are so many different types of vehicle shapes and sizes. In general, the average cost for a vehicle wrap is around $3,000. Here are the average costs for installing different types of vehicle wraps:

  • Graphic Advertisement Vehicle Wrap Cost: $2,500
  • Color Changing Paint Wrap Cost: $3,600
  • Chrome Vehicle Wrap Cost: $6,000
  • Hood or Rooftop Vehicle Wrap Cost: $325
  • Specialty Film Addition Cost (Carbon Fiber, leather, brushed metal): add $900 to your cost
  • Add Chrome or Exotic Finish Cost: add $3,200 to your cost

These estimates are based on web research and average costs throughout the industry. This is not a quote. To receive an estimate for your vehicle, contact Davis Signs & Graphics.

Vehicle Wraps vs. Other Advertising Cost Per 1000 Impressions

  • Vehicle wraps cost per thousand impressions: $.15 CPM
  • Billboards Cost Per Thousand Impressions: $1.78 CPM
  • Radio Cost per thousand impressions: $5.92 CPM
  • Local TV cost per thousand impressions: $11.51 CPM
  • Newspaper cost per thousand impressions: $11.66 CPM
  • Prime Time TV cost per thousand impressions: $20.54

As you can see, Vehicle wrap cost per thousand impressions is much lower than every other form of local advertising.

How Long Will My Vehicle Wrap Last?

On average, vehicle wraps last around 6 years before they need to be replaced. When you break down the $3,000 installation cost into the number of years you will own then you really see the cost advantages of installing a vehicle wrap. That $3,000 investment breaks down to $1.30 per day, $9.61 a week, $41.00 a month or $500 per year.

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