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How Much Do Custom Neon LED Signs Cost?

The most common question that is asked generally revolves around how much do these custom neon LED signs to range in price? Typically, the ranges can cost anywhere around $250 upwards to $1,000+ USD – this generally depends on sizing and the form of complexity on the design of the sign.

Here we have been in the industry creating custom signs for decades. Working in all types of different industries helping manufacture and install custom LED signs. Does not matter the signage we work with all types of industries and peoples of all natures.

Here we will help elaborate on the common question most people have and that is “how much does it generally cost to have a custom neon LED sign created?” We will also explore other options on other signage and how those works, and costs paired with those as well.


Numerous Factors Impact the Price of Your Neon LED Sign

The sizing of the sign you want to be created obviously will impact your final rate. With that in mind, the bigger you decide to make your sign, the heftier the price will be. Some more common rates for signs are as listed below.

Smaller sized LED Signage: 18” by 24” – $200 – $500 + USD

Larger sized LED Signage: 3’ by 5’ these can range easily $1,000USD and beyond.

Some examples of dimensions that you can craft your sign around are as follows below:

24″ 24″ Neon LED Sign = 95 cubic inches

36″ x 36″ Neon LED Sign = 130 cubic inches

48″ x 48″ Neon LED Sign = 167 cubic inches

60″ x 24″ Neon LED Sign = 131 cubic inches


Smaller Signage Cost Significantly Less

On the contrary, when it comes to the signage itself the number of words or lettering on the sign will impact the rate of the overall Neon LED sign. More text, more money.

Along with this depending on the complexity of the sign can significantly increase the rate at which you expend for purchasing a sign of this nature. If you’re looking to add some form of imagery or custom logo work to your LED sign the price, of course, can increase as well. Simple graphic work can cost significantly less than a highly detailed design for your LED sign. Along with this if you’re looking for more complexity when it comes to color coordination this can increase the prices as well.

When LED signs are created, they are remarkably similar to fluorescent lights in the way that they are crafted. Typically, being heated to a point where the glass is malleable and able to be bent into different shapes and patterns crafting lettering. Keep this in mind as this is hand made most of the time and the more complex the design is, the harder it will be for the manufacturer to create the sign, thus resulting in more upfront payment.

Do some prior research on how these are crafted to get a better approach to how it works. Along with asking the person you’re working with questions about the service or product you’re looking to purchase and how much it may cost to accomplish the task at hand.


How Neon LED Signs Are Crafted

The vibrant colors that are generally produced from the neon sign itself are crafted by all different types of gasses and coatings. Not only restricted to neon coloring. Neon gasses are generally only used to craft up to around 1/3 of the coloring inside neon signage. This is included colors such as red, oranges, and more vibrant shades of pink.

There are also of course alternatives to neon lighting, for example, LED is an alternative. It can get quite confusing when working with the two, although they are different in the way they are birthed into life. LED tends to be more long-lasting in time. As durable as it is, these flexible LED signs are also even water-resistant.


Other Signage Choices

When it comes to different signage that especially is illuminated there are all types of ranges, sizes, and sorts of materials to choose from.

LED Signage that is meant for the front of stores typically ranges upwards from $1,000 to about $10,000+. There are other signs that are primarily focused on being digital and these can range anywhere from $5,000 and head above and beyond $100,000+.

The ideas of signage that you want to create and bring into this life and are curious about the price. The best option would be to contact a local company for some advice and a possible free quote!


Looking For a Custom Neon LED Sign Estimate?

If you are in the mark for a custom sign for yourself or for your business. You can contact our team of trained professionals to get your back. On-standby is willing to help answer all and any questions you may have regarding signs. We are a full-service signage company, from the crafting phase to the installation of the sign.

We have decades of experience back in our company and we are here to help you. Our business loves signs and everything that goes into the development of them. We’ve got you back when and are your one-stop shop when it comes to all and everything signs.

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