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Commercial Building Signs

What are Commercial Building Signs

In every business environment, there is tough competition amongst the various businesses in the area. It is therefore very important that you stand out in all ways possible, and this includes setting yourself up with building signs. While choosing these signs, you must make your intentions clear. Ask yourself questions like ‘does your business stand out?’, ‘are you able to capture my target audience?’, ‘how can you make my signs matter, and what are the options?’

There are many types of commercial building signs including:

Pylon signs

When it comes to the idea of standing out, pylon signs are the best. Pylons are tall and big, and they can be strategically placed to be viewed from a long distance. They can be used to advertise one business or many businesses. These signs are ideal for businesses that are along a highway, or within a shopping complex to advertise the businesses within.

Pole signs

As the name suggests, these are signs placed on poles. They are similar to the pylon signs mentioned above the only difference is they are used to advertise only one business. Such signs are ideal when you need to offer customers quick help in finding their way.

Monument signs

As compared to the posts and pylons, the monument signs are of a lower profile. Made of a range of materials like the bricks, wood, and concrete, monument signs are mostly located at building or parking lot entrances. They typically act as a tool for navigation.

Wall signs

Wall signs can also be referred to as building signs. These signs are ideally meant to inform the customers, and potential ones, of your exact location. Wall signs are also a good way of marketing and advertising. They come in very different sizes and shapes. Through these designs, you should be able to have, on them, your brand name and logo. The signs can be illuminated or not.

Blade signs

Blade signs are located perpendicular to the wall of the business. They should be placed in the visual paths of the customers so that they are able to find the entryway to the business.

Overall, signs are an essential part of the marketing and advertising of your business. They are meant to ensure that there is the flow of traffic in your business, which is, bringing in as many customers as possible.

As a form of marketing, the use of signs is very cost-effective. This is because signs can be viewed by very many people at once, reducing the cost of having to advertise to people one by one. It is therefore very important that you consider the use of commercial building signs.