What is a Monument Sign?
Written by Davis Signs & Graphics

What is a Monument Sign?

When you are looking to dress your business by buying a monument sign, look no further than Davis Signs! A monument sign is a smart investment to help your Phoenix, Arizona business stand out from your competition. Keep reading to discover why your business needs a monument sign.

According to PlumbSigns, “A monument sign can be defined as a ground sign generally having a low profile with little or no open space between the ground and the sign and having a structure constructed of masonry, wood, or materials similar in appearance.”

Does My Business Need a Monument Sign?

When discussing the use of outdoor signs with customers, they quickly start asking about getting the attention of drives. Because most business venues are located in ways that their buildings’ fronts are settled in a parking lot and are not easily noticed from the road, potential customers might just drive past them. Some are going to turn around and visit your business, particularly when you are dealing with competition right down the road from you.

Monument signs are equally a double and single-sided sign that gets installed at various heights to follow city code regulations and get maximum attention. They are usually installed near traffic paths and assist in identifying your business inside a building, two or more likewise office buildings, or office complexes.

So, what is a monument sign, and what is the reason your business needs one (of course you do)?

The terminology “monument sign” is typically refers to any freestanding sign that uses masonry attributes and is lower to ground level. A lot of them feature stone, stucco, and even brick, but can also be made up of with stainless steel or metal.

Monument Signs are Landmarks

Have you discovered that a lot of business owners install their monument signs towards the front entrances of their parking lot? A lot of fast food restaurants many times place a second sign close to the entrance of their drive-throughs. The reasoning is obvious: monuments are landmarks that grab driver’s attention. This enables drives to switch lanes and drive into your business’s parking lot. When they get there, they are a lot more probable to make a purchase.

Monument Signs Increase Business Inquiries

Monument signs also motivate spontaneous stops. These kinds of stops occur when a driver notices your business’ details and decides to visit your business impulsively. Occasionally, passengers and particularly children also impact this decision. Essentially, a monument sign could be the primary exterior sign that increases your foot traffic and therefore increases the probability of an impulse purchase. Even when a potential customer simply stops in to ask about your services, think of the probability of that happening without a monument sign is slim to none.

Design Choices for a Fully Customizable Monument Signs

In the past, brick and mortar construction was typical. Nowadays, there are additional alternatives. Examples comprise of pre-formed foam monument signs that easily imitate the appearance of typical brick and stucco, post and panel configurations can include electrical cabinets, and stainless steel with acrylic signage that appeals to a more contemporary demographic.

Lighting of Monument Signs

Illumination is accomplished with built-in with LEDs or provided from the outside by landscaping lighting. A lot of businesses have had incredible success with the combination of illuminated channel letters with their monument sign. Whereas others are eager to the notion of featuring metal with push-through acrylic letters that are illuminated from the inside. Choose from shapes that display curves, undeviating edges, or shown as triangles, polyhedrons, squares, and even columns.

Ordering Monument Signs

What exactly are monument signs, if not a chance to express your brand in a way making it stand out from your competition? Rather than choosing a design because another business displays it, talk about your ideas with our graphic artists. We will examine the zoning stipulations that oversee your location, in which establishes proper sizing. After that, we will assist you in picking a material and display combination that sheds light on your company and brand.

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