What is a Pylon Sign?
Written by Davis Signs & Graphics

What is a Pylon Sign?

Pylon signs are self-supporting signs, that have a vertical support structure that can be exposed or covered with material and over ten feet high. Pylon signage is typically used at shopping centers and in strip malls displaying the business tenants.

Monument Signs vs Pylon Signs

The biggest difference is height. A lot of monument signs have a height of 5 feet or less. It shows your business at eye level and incorporates beautifully with the landscaping surrounding your business. A pylon is a lot taller and is eye-catching to potential customers that may be a little further down the road or freeway.

Pylon Sign Benefits

Pylon signs come in multiple sizes in addition to multiple types beginning with the common types of signs we usually see along a freeway. These signs display advertising from hotels to retail stores because travelers are usually driving at high speeds. It is, for this reason, these signs to be very big and illuminated. Sometimes pylon signs are installed by the owners of the building to feature all of the businesses that occupy their location. Some of these signs aren’t as big as the ones you would see from the freeway, because some pylon signs are located in metropolitan areas. In addition, these signs are usually backlit to be highly visible at night.

• Custom designed that meet your particular business requirements.
• Lighting isn’t required throughout the day but can utilize a timer or light sensor or timer light up when it gets dark.
• You can program some pylon signs for customized messages such as promotions or daily specials.
• Easily seen from long distances like a freeway.
• Improves foot traffic almost immediately by displaying multiple businesses.
• Integrate digital signage for advertising opportunities.
• Pylon Signs Have Great Visibility

Pylon Signs Building Location

You want your pylon sign to capture a motorist’s attention from a distance! That they’ll have time to pull into the business or to see what the pylon sign is promoting. The faster you grab the attention of motorists, the better.

What is the location of your building? Is your building next to a freeway? Perhaps it’s on a street where most of the businesses look almost identical? If you want your business to eclipse a crowd of single-story businesses or if your business is near a major highway, It’s worth it to notify motorists of the company’s exitance. One huge benefit of pylon signs is they increase the height of your building and assist you in standing above the surrounding businesses.

One of the features of pylon signs is its solid face, strengthened by 1 or 2 metal poles. Big enough to accommodate panels for multiple business representation, pylon signs are sure to draw attention from potential customers that may have otherwise missed businesses beyond their intended destination.

Use Pylon Signs For Multiple Applications

Providing exceptional visibility, pylon signs from Davis Signs & Graphics are a favorable choice for businesses including:
• Motels
• Business Parks
• Car Washes
• Industrial Complexes
• Car Dealerships
• Gas Stations
• Truck Stops
• Restaurants
• Hotels
• Malls
• Mechanic Shops
• Movie Theaters
• Retail Stores
• Shopping Plazas
• Bars

Having the right pylon sign can make a huge impact on possible customers. The decision to patronize a business can sometimes rely solely on the pylon sign’s quality.

How Much Does a Pylon Sign Cost?

On average pylon signs cost around $104,000 in the US Because pylon signs differ so greatly the costs also do. The price range of these signs varies greatly between $8,000 and $200,000 which depends on size, features, and location.

Pylon Sign Services by Davis Signs & Graphics Phoenix

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