Custom Sign Fabrication
Written by Craig B

Best Colors For Signs

Color psychology has shown colors can impact our impulses, moods and decision-making ability. As colors are so important in advertising and marketing, it is important to find the right colors for your sign. Read on to learn more.


A very safe color that is practical as well as calming, making it a popular choice for varied industries. But it can appear to be dull and is often best used with a contrasting color.


Orange gives off an aura of confidence and warmth as well as optimism. It is a bold color and should be used in a sparing fashion.


Feminine, calming and of course, romantic. Usually used in marketing to females it can work in other settings if used judiciously.


Purple brings originality, art, and creativity to mind and can be associated with depth, wealth and mystery. Be it a high-end brand or a fun brand, purple is very versatile.


Nature, free and calm is just some of the attributes of the color green equalling thoughts od tranquility, freedom and freshness.


Representing virtues such as productivity, authority, and trustworthiness, they are great at building trust among customers and make them feel happier as well as more productive by choosing to do business with you.


A warm, vibrant and happy color that makes people feel good about themselves. Sadly, it is a color people either hate or love!


An impulse buy color that can capture excitement and passion as well as someone’s attention.


A powerful, mysterious yet seductive color that can draw people in. But if it is overdone it can look off-putting. Goes well with any color!


Reassuring as well as calm, with associations of purity and cleanliness. But an abundance of white can make a business appear sterile, cold or empty.