Cleaning VInyl Banners
Written by Craig B

Best Banner Materials

Banner material can make a big impact on the impression a customer has of your business. Read on to learn more.

The Look

Your choice of banner material impacts design aesthetics. Canvas banners, for example, are printed on white woven polyester fabric that features a non-reflective finish for a flat, matte look. This look works well in upscale environments with plenty of lighting, whether natural or artificial. You have more options when it comes to large banner printing. White matte vinyl banners feature high-grade front lit vinyl with PVC coating. Don’t be fooled by the matte finish; these banners can promote bright, attention-getting designs on their smooth surfaces. White mesh vinyl banners feature a rugged texture due to their mesh makeups, which can lend itself to rugged designs. Biodegradable vinyl banners are similar to white matte vinyl banners, with the added eco-friendly benefit of being compo-stable in landfills. Despite their differences, just about any design can look fantastic on any of these banner materials. That said, banners printed for trade shows and conferences – particularly in which viewers will be up-close – should avoid mesh material because it’s easy to see through from short distances. Banners viewed from a distance of more than a few feet, however, can look great printed on either vinyl or canvas. As you’re about to see, environment is far more important to banner material selection.


Both vinyl and canvas banners are great for indoor use (though, as mentioned, vinyl banners are see-through up-close), and both perform well in fair outdoor weather. If your banners will be outdoors for long periods or placed in harsh, windy, rainy weather conditions, however, mesh vinyl is the top-performer. Its mesh composition allows wind to pass through banners without tearing and it won’t be weakened by rain. However, mesh banners do not perform well in extreme cold, which can make the material brittle. White matte vinyl, biodegradable vinyl, and canvas banners can withstand cold conditions but not other harsh weather. If you plan to use your banner for a long time, especially outdoors, biodegradable vinyl should be avoided as it will eventually break down.

Best Material?

The best banner material depends on how and where you’ll place your banners. Canvas, biodegradable vinyl, and white matte vinyl are excellent choices for indoor banners. Canvas and white matte vinyl are great for cold outdoor conditions – but not wind and rain. White mesh vinyl is best for windy, rainy, harsh outdoor weather. The best banner material, then, is the one that looks great and lasts a long time in its environment; longevity increases ROI, whether you’re leaving a banner outside for months or reusing your banner for speaking engagements and trade shows. Use the information in this post to make an informed banner material choice that will help your business grow and profit.