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Written by Davis Signs & Graphics

Updating Outdoor Signs

How long has it been since you updated your outdoor business sign? You may be thinking it is time to update your existing outdoor business sign. Perhaps your outdoor business sign has become old, run-down, and weathered due to the weather. Take a look at your sign and think about what it would look like with a handy upgrade!

Outdoor business signs need to be updated so they appeal to new customers. Keeping signs updated can also contribute to the value of your business and effectively advertise products.

Reasons to Upgrade Your Outdoor Business Signs


  • Damaged signage
  • Outdated signage
  • Losing potential customer attention
  • Sign size
  • Is the sign too messy?
  • Sign lacks visibility


Damaged Signage

Your outdoor sign may be worn out or damaged by the weather. Hot summer sun, winter freezing, and UV rays can cause damage and discoloration to a sign. Consider upgrading the material type, so that it will be more durable to the elements.

Outdated Signage

Sign information can become outdated. You may need an outdoor sign upgrade to update your sign information. Information such as a change in the phone number or a website domain name change will require you to have an upgraded sign made.  Make sure your sign information is current and pulling traffic for the audience you are targeting.

Losing Potential Customer Attention

You may have had the outdoor sign for your business for years and have never upgraded the sign. Your current outdoor sign might be too small or hard to notice. It is important your sign is pulling traffic to the business. With an older sign, it may be grabbing the attention that it once did. Old signs may be the cause of customer loss and potential sales to the business.

Sign Size

An upgraded sign may be needed if you have expanded and have offered more products. Your current outdoor sign might be too small or difficult to read to potential customers when they pass your business. A good size sign should be easy to read and catch the eye of people driving by your business, so it stands out.

Sign too Messy

You might have too much crammed onto your sign. This can make your outdoor sign too messy and hard to read. If you have less verbiage on your sign, it is better for a potential customer to read and would help in capturing the attention of a customer as well as be less confusing to potential new customers.

Sign Lacking Visibility

Lack of visibility is a common theme with outdoor signs that lack lighting in the evening. If you have trees growing close to your sign, this may cause visibility issues as well. Visibility is important. If your sign is not visible at night, you will be at a disadvantage against other companies who have their signs lit up. If a tree is blocking your sign, this can become a disadvantage. Pruning the foliage will be an advantage so your customers can see your outdoor sign.

These are a few reasons needing an upgrade your outdoor business sign. Upgrading will also assist in attracting new customers and existing customers. Contact us on how we can assist your business with a sign upgrade quote.