Neon Signs Cost 2020
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Neon Signs Cost 2023

These are also known as LED or neon signs and the visual enticement for these signs is unlike any other. According to ArizonaCommercialSigns, a customized neon sign can start at around $200 and can increase up to $1,000 based on the complexity of the design and its size, they can end up in the $11,000 area. Smaller “off the shelf” types of neon lights are readily available.

Their overall maintenance can be costly, so take this into account before you purchase one. These lights are manufactured from glass and can easily be damaged by bad weather and it may cost a lot to get them repaired. Businesses that operate at night, such as bars or clubs will unquestionably benefit from having a neon sign.

Repair Costs

If it’s a high voltage short, it’ll cost about $350 to repair. Transformer repair would be about $300 and the service call about $350. If the neon is broken and need to be repaired or replaced, the repair would be about $200, with replacement cost being dependent on the size of the affected tube, and about $400 to remove and restore the affected neon. Of course, costs will vary depending on your location. What is important to emphasize is that you should only use licensed electrical sign contractors.

How Much Do Business Signs Cost
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Business Signs Costs 2023

On average, sign design and installation cost about $438 for the US in 2023, sign installation costs can range from $165 to $710 according to

  • National Average: $424
  • Typical Range: $165-$710
  • Low End – High End: $100-$1,000

You need to take into account the number of letters that will be used on your sign and the type of materials that will be used to make it. Traditional steel signs usually cost between $25 to $35 per sq. ft. while aluminum or plastic signs costs around $15 to $25 per sq. ft. The less costly signs will be manufactured out of urethane and costs between $5 to $15 per sq. ft. Lighted signs can cost more than $35 per sq. ft. while a neon sign can cost from $250 to $1,250 per sq. ft.

The biggest cost of making and installing signs depends on a couple of components. Indoor signs commonly cost less than an outdoor sign, because the weather may damage them. Lighted signs often cost more than signs that don’t use power. Furthermore, temporary signs for sales or promotional events cost less than a longer-lasting design like signs for business names or signs that target driving traffic.

Business signs provide a great first impression of the business and will ensure that people see the business during the day and at night. There are a lot of choices when it comes to the design, materials used, and the size of the sign.

This post explains to you how to choose a business sign that will give a big impression on possible customers. It covers how to decide on a sign that fits your budget. A big part of your sign will be your logo, so bear in mind a bad looking logo can spoil the impact of your sign.

*The type of sign, its design, the materials used in manufacturing, cost of labor, and installation will all influence the total cost. *

Your business sign is one of the first things that possible customers see when they visit your store, so it’s important to choose a sign that reflects your brand, and the types of services you provide. Business signs can be made from a variety of materials like glass, wood, metal, and fabric.

Fabric Signs Cost

Fabric LINK storefront signs can be colorful, but they do require maintenance and replacement in comparison to other longer-lasting materials. Although they are a budget choice, they can cost you more over time. Plastic, nylon, or vinyl banners can cost anywhere from $3 to $9 per sq. ft according to FitsSmallBusiness. Installation costs average around $180. You may have to pay for fade-resistant, heavy-duty fabrics in addition to the hardware.

Fabric signs are very favorable because of their flexibility, so any type of business can utilize one. They may be simple like a banner for a mall kiosk or more complex and built into a lightbox for a large retail store.

Plywood Signs Cost

Plywood signs are affordable and simple, but elegant. 4-ft by 4-ft plywood signs start at $50 but that is without installation. Installation can reach costs of $192. The size of the type of paint and font or finish that you decide on as well as how big the sign influences the cost. These signs are subject to weather damage and might need to be replaced frequently.

Painted plywood signs are perfect for restaurants that are looking to give their establishment an old-timey look. They can even work for high-end retailers who are looking to provide a rustic theme or customized type of look. Read more about plywood signs.

Punched Metal Signboards/ Laser Cut Signs Cost

These signs are strong and resistant to weather and provide you with a modern and clean feel or even a historic flavor. A two-sided sign that is 18 in. by 24 in. starts at $80 without installation. Large signs or adding texture and/or color adds to the cost, but you will typically see costs from $250 to $2,000. Based on the design, a punched metal sign can be utilized by any business that’s looking for a sleek, modern look or more of a retro display.

Glass Tube Light/ Neon Signs Cost

These are also known as LED or neon signs and the visual enticement for these signs is unlike any other. According to ArizonaCommercialSigns, a customized neon sign can start at around $200 and can increase up to $1,000 based on the complexity of the design and its size, they can end up in the $11,000 area. Smaller “off the shelf” types of neon lights are readily available.

Their overall maintenance can be costly, so take this into account before you purchase one. These lights are manufactured from glass and can easily be damaged by bad weather and it may cost a lot to get them repaired. Businesses that operate at night, such as bars or clubs will unquestionably benefit from having a neon sign.

Metal Sign Boards Cost

These signs are professional, eye-catching and work well in a lot of locations, but they are more costly. According to WesternSignsAz, the average 4-ft by 8-ft metal sign can cost around $350 or more without installation. Installation can cost up to $450, depending on the size of the sign. Take into account, that for any material, the design will influence the signs price and a more complex sign design cost more. For example, if you use a metal signboard, with individually cut lettering, you’re going to pay a lot more than if the lettering was simply painted on the metal since there is more labor involved. These signs weather fairly well, but it is a good idea to budget for a little touch-up work every couple of years.

Metal Lettering and Logo Signs Cost

These signs are 3-dimensional, and the shadows they produce will add interest and texture. Based on the size of the lettering and the metal that it’s made of these signs start at around $250, without any custom design fees or installation. It is suggested that you have them lighted to get more attention to your business, particularly if you operate at night. You might pay between $350 to $550 or more, but your customer visibility will grow. Learn more about metal lettering and logo design costs.

Awning Signs Cost

These types of signs let you provide shade for your business, protection for your customers during bad weather, and charming looks. The cost for an awning storefront sign is based on the fabric and size of the awning and the hardware that is used to hang it. Nevertheless, these signs usually start at around $550 and increase in price.

It’s been reported that businesses that have awnings can see up to 30% in energy savings. They’re built to endure bad weather, which makes them a perfect selection. Due to their design, you can have your business name or logo placed on the front and sides of the awning that will increase the visibility for your customers.

The main thing to remember is that the sign cost will be included in the installation charge, and can vary, but it can range from $4,000 to $10,000 according to AGCSigns. Depending on the design and size of your sign, an awning sign can be used for restaurants and cafes to make the business feel nostalgic or for those who want to have an unusual storefront.

Monument Signs Cost

Installing a monument sign will depend on its size, the average cost for installing one is around $2,300 to $8,000. This cost depends on whether you choose to go with customized features like brick or faux stone facing, columns, arches, etc. Read more information about monument signs cost.

Exterior Building Signs Cost

Exterior business signs come in a lot of different colors and styles and may be custom designed to your specifications. According to HomeAdvisor, exterior sign costs can vary from $165 to $710 depending on the design, fabrication, and location it will be installed at. All these components will influence the price of the sign installation. More information about exterior signs.

Pylon Signs Cost

The cost to install large pylon signs according to ArizonaCommercialSigns starts at around $8,000 but may increase all the way up to $200,000 depending on its height and whether you decide to go with an LED pylon sign. More information about pylon signs.

Channel Letter Signs Cost

According to ArizonaCommercialSigns, channel letter signs may cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000, depending on how many letters you require how complex the fabrication is and the difficulty of where it is going to be installed at. All these components influence the pricing of its installation. More information about channel letter signs.

Pole Signs Cost

Pole signs cost start around $8,000 but may cost as much as $200,000 depending on how tall it is and whether you choose to use LED lighting or not. More information about pole signs.

What Needs to Be Included?

Professional sign companies provide a lot of services to their clients from designing the sign to manufacturing the sign, delivering it and then installing it. A lot of sign companies will offer to come to the business location and go over the needs of the client directly. Sign companies are also responsible for making sure that the sign meets zoning codes, local ordinances, and regulations. For example, a couple of cities have prohibited billboards, and the ADA has very harsh rules about signs that are required to be followed. Sometimes, the sign company will oversee the sign installation. The sign company is also responsible for the design process. This may be very useful if the sign needs to be installed in different locations throughout an area or if the sign is larger or if it needs to be installed in hard to reach area.

Factors That Could Influence Sign Cost

A lot of factors that influence the costs for a sign, like the number of colors in the design. Usually, a black and white sign costs a lot less than one with colors. In addition, if the sign design is complex, it costs more than a sign that only has a couple of words on it. Other factors that need to be considered is the material that the sign is made out and what the use of the sign will be. If a customer is holding a promotion, a less costly plastic sign is usually a better solution. Nevertheless, the business design needs to be made from a durable material that will lower costs in the long run.

It’s also important that the size of the sign be taken into account. Larger signs cost a lot more than a smaller sign. The installation will influence the total cost of the sign. Installing a billboard or neon sign will be more costly than installing a smaller non-lighted sign. Taking these factors into account can keep sign costs down.

Deciding On The Right Sign Company

Choosing a sign company that is right for your business will be selected based on their services, sign type that their client wants, and their cost. For longer-lasting signs, it’s important that you pick a sign company that will have the materials for your sign that you want to purchase. It is also essential to consider the design options that the company provides. There are a lot of factors that will include whether the company that is chosen can produce the sign with the needed size, if they can install the sign, and if they offer illumination if that’s what their client wants. Signs are a great way to market your business and are read fairly quickly, so it’s vital that the sign company has good design options and can produce the perfect sign that is used to grab the attention of potential customers.

Ways You Could Save Money On Your Sign

You can save money on a sign by choosing a stock design rather than a custom design. While a lot of signs are custom made, the pre-made signs are a perfect way to save a little money. Stock signs are also available. As you buy more signs of the same kind the price will go down. In addition, those who think the signs could change over time need to consider getting a design that can be easily updated and may be done by the staff or business rather than the sign designer at a sign company to keep costs down.

A great tip is actually to place an order for your designs during the off-season as sign companies are usually busiest throughout the warmer seasons. If you place your order during winter, it may result in discounts or promos for your purchase as well as a shorter wait time.

Business Signs Cost

Over the years, we have spoken with thousands of business owners who ask, “How much do business signs cost“. The truth is the cost of signs can vary greatly depending on the type and size, however, in our experience, most companies are interested in a lighted sign that attracts the attention of customers better.

Here are a few examples that you can use as a guide for what the business signs should cost.

A sign made of industrial aluminum with acrylic panels or a combination of vinyl inscriptions and digital printing usually runs about $5,000. This sign will provide many years of service before any maintenance is required. It is two-sided, so it can be seen on cars traveling in both directions. The business signs cost is reduced by using indirect lighting on the ground.

The sign of the main monument can be customized by adding additional colors, interior lighting, decorative effects or a foundation in the style of brickwork.

A 6 × 8 ‘dihedral sign is bigger and higher, so larger supports and support columns are required to handle the additional wind load and can cost upwards of $10,000. It has an extruded aluminum structure and swivel frames for easy maintenance. In cold weather, this sign will be internally illuminated by T12 fluorescent lights, fluorescent lamps operating on energy-efficient electronic ballasts. Persons are digitally printed in full color on vinyl with a 3/16 inch thick Lexan substrate. They can easily be replaced if the company name changes or the building gets a new tenant. The lower half of the sign has 3 tracks for 6 “replaceable copies of letters.

A 10 × 7 ‘tall double-sided, internally lit sign is also made of aluminum but has many user-defined functions. These signs can run anywhere from $15,00 – $30,000. It includes a Lexan face with an embossed copy, giving it a three-dimensional appearance. It uses internal LED lighting and real bowling balls as decorative ornaments. The stone base is a value, designed from aluminum, covered with digitally printed vinyl, to get a high-quality look at a lower cost than real masonry.

What makes this sign special is the addition of 3 x 7-inch full-color electronic message centers (EMC) on both sides of the sign. Enabled wireless software to change the text, the built-in graphic package, and training on the spot and on the Internet.

This sign can be updated to EMC with high resolution, which will be displayed even more in detail. When adding EMC, the business signs cost depends on the resolution. The resolution (clarity) is measured by the pixel pitch, the distance between the points of light measured in millimeters. The 20 mm pixel pitch will be more “grainy” than the 12 mm EMC for business signs. Small EMC with pixel pitch can display video clips with a frequency of 60 frames per second. An additional upgrade can be remote access off-site so that one operator can change the text or video on the signs in several places in the store.

For a more specific breakdown of our business signs cost, contact Davis Signs & Graphics today at (480) 945-0916.

Custom Sign Fabrication
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Best Colors For Signage

Color psychology has shown colors can impact our impulses, moods and decision-making ability. As colors are so important in advertising and marketing, it is important to find the right colors for your sign. Read on to learn more.


A very safe color that is practical as well as calming, making it a popular choice for varied industries. But it can appear to be dull and is often best used with a contrasting color.


Orange gives off an aura of confidence and warmth as well as optimism. It is a bold color and should be used in a sparing fashion.


Feminine, calming and of course, romantic. Usually used in marketing to females it can work in other settings if used judiciously.


Purple brings originality, art, and creativity to mind and can be associated with depth, wealth and mystery. Be it a high-end brand or a fun brand, purple is very versatile.


Nature, free and calm is just some of the attributes of the color green equalling thoughts od tranquility, freedom and freshness.


Representing virtues such as productivity, authority, and trustworthiness, they are great at building trust among customers and make them feel happier as well as more productive by choosing to do business with you.


A warm, vibrant and happy color that makes people feel good about themselves. Sadly, it is a color people either hate or love!


An impulse buy color that can capture excitement and passion as well as someone’s attention.


A powerful, mysterious yet seductive color that can draw people in. But if it is overdone it can look off-putting. Goes well with any color!


Reassuring as well as calm, with associations of purity and cleanliness. But an abundance of white can make a business appear sterile, cold or empty.

Cleaning Neon Signs
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Keeping Neon Signs Clean

If you neon sign is looking a little dingy, the following steps can help you with some clean up to make it look as good as new. WARNING: Never clean a neon sign without first unplugging; the high voltage can cause serious injuries. Do not soak the sign with the solution; the block-out paint on the neon tubes can crack and peel off. Read on to learn more.


You will need the following:

  • Soft bristle nylon brush
  • 1/2-cup household ammonia
  • 1/2-cup water
  • Plastic container
  • Microfiber cloth
  1. Unplug the neon sign or light and allow the tubes to cool completely.
  2. Use a soft bristle nylon brush or a soft dry sock to remove dust from the surface of the sign. use only very light pressure to prevent damage or breakage of the light.
  3. Perform an inspection to look for any residue that is stubborn. Nicotine stains are a good example. If stains or residue remains, use half a cup of water with a half cup of household ammonia and pour it into a container made from plastic.
  4. Use a microfiber cloth and dip it into the solution you have assembled and then wring out the cloth removing the excess.
  5. Gently wipe the tubes with the damp cloth to remove residue and stains. Then allow the air tubes to air dry totally.
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Vehicle Wrap Advertising Benefits, Statistics 2022

If you are searching for vehicle wrap advertising benefits, advertising statistics, pros and cons to vinyl wrapping your car or how much does a full vehicle wrap cost near me, this post should help! Furthermore, if you need vehicle wrap services in Tempe, Mesa or Chandler, Davis Signs and Graphics is the professional installer near you.

Vehicle Wrap Advertising Benefits

  • Turn your car or commercial vehicle into an advertising machine year-round
  • Offer the best cost per thousand impressions compared to other forms of local advertising
  • Gets your company seen by thousands of potential customers per day
  • Vehicle wraps work for you 365 days a year 24 hours a day
  • Depending on the population size in your city, your vehicle wrap can be seen by around $50,000 average viewers per month
  • Advertise your business for less than a cup of coffee

Vehicle Wrap Advertising Statistics

Vehicle wraps are great for catching the eyes of potential customers while you are out on the road. This one of the best types of local advertising you can buy. Here are vehicle wrap advertising statistics:

  • 97% on in-vehicle audiences stated they saw truck-side advertising
  • On average, individual car or vehicle advertising can generate anywhere from 25,000 to 65,000 daily impressions
  • 31% of mobile viewers make buying decisions based on advertisements they see
  • Mobile ads are the most efficient and effective form of local outdoor advertising
  • Based on vehicle wraps lasting around 7 years, your total investment is only about $1.30 per day

Commercial Vehicle Wrap Advertising Statistics

  • Commercial vehicle advertising increases name and brand recognition by 15 times or more than other types of ads
  • In General, Americans spend about 15 hours or more in a car per week
  • In stop and go traffic on regular bases, this is the perfect marketing opportunity
  • Mobile ads reach consumers who aren’t exposed to TV, radio, and newspaper
  • Reach all audiences, backgrounds, genders, ages, families, and professionals

Pros & Cons To Vinyl Wrapping Your Car or Commercial Vehicle

There are many pros and only a few cons to vinyl wrapping your car or commercial vehicle:

Vehicle Wraps Pros

There are many pros to installing a vehicle wrap on your car or commercial vehicle including:

  • Lower cost than almost any other form of adverting
  • Doesn’t take long to install – usually installed within a day or two
  • Unlimited design options – a Larger variety of finish and color options when compared to painting
  • Vehicle wraps are removable if you decide you no longer wish to have
  • Paint protection is one of the major pros of vehicle wraps

Vehicle Wrap Cons

There are very few cons when it comes to wrapping your vehicle:

  • Bad quality vinyl material from non-professional installers can harm your paint
  • An unprofessional vehicle wrap installer could leave your wrap with curves and sloppy edges
  • Costs more to have a professional install the way
  • Specialty film and chrome film can become extremely expensive

How Much Does A Full Vehicle Wrap Cost

This is a question Davis Signs & Graphics gets asked all the time but it is hard to give a general estimate seeing that there are so many different types of vehicle shapes and sizes. In general, the average cost for a vehicle wrap is around $3,000. Here are the average costs for installing different types of vehicle wraps:

  • Graphic Advertisement Vehicle Wrap Cost: $2,500
  • Color Changing Paint Wrap Cost: $3,600
  • Chrome Vehicle Wrap Cost: $6,000
  • Hood or Rooftop Vehicle Wrap Cost: $325
  • Specialty Film Addition Cost (Carbon Fiber, leather, brushed metal): add $900 to your cost
  • Add Chrome or Exotic Finish Cost: add $3,200 to your cost

These estimates are based on web research and average costs throughout the industry. This is not a quote. To receive an estimate for your vehicle, contact Davis Signs & Graphics.

Vehicle Wraps vs. Other Advertising Cost Per 1000 Impressions

  • Vehicle wraps cost per thousand impressions: $.15 CPM
  • Billboards Cost Per Thousand Impressions: $1.78 CPM
  • Radio Cost per thousand impressions: $5.92 CPM
  • Local TV cost per thousand impressions: $11.51 CPM
  • Newspaper cost per thousand impressions: $11.66 CPM
  • Prime Time TV cost per thousand impressions: $20.54

As you can see, Vehicle wrap cost per thousand impressions is much lower than every other form of local advertising.

How Long Will My Vehicle Wrap Last?

On average, vehicle wraps last around 6 years before they need to be replaced. When you break down the $3,000 installation cost into the number of years you will own then you really see the cost advantages of installing a vehicle wrap. That $3,000 investment breaks down to $1.30 per day, $9.61 a week, $41.00 a month or $500 per year.

Free Vehicle Wrap Estimates In Tempe, Mesa & Chandler, Arizona

Learn more about our vehicle wrap services or receive a free vehicle wrap estimate in Tempe, Mesa or Chandler Arizona by giving Davis Signs & Graphics a call today at (480) 945 0196.

Commercial Truck Wrap Advertising Service
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Commercial Truck Wrap Advertising 2022

When it comes to commercial wrapping for any kind of vehicle, there is a simple process that needs to be followed to apply the vinyl film wrap correctly. Typically, when applied to trucks, cars, trailers, and sometimes vehicles, the wrapping’s purpose is for branding and mobile advertising. Here’s a look at commercial truck wrap advertising services, and its value.

Commercial Truck Wrap

After the expenditure of getting the vehicle wrapped, it will stay imprinted for a very long period of time. Truck wrapping can result in a great return for you and your company. There is potential for customers all around you to notice your logo, and your company message. Having a wrap around your vehicle makes advertising very cost-effective and typically reaches your ideal audiences with lesser costs than normal. One of the only concerns for most would be if the wrap hurts the vehicle in any way. The answer is no, it does not. The wrap sits on top of the paint, unlike other materials. When this is installed correctly, the wrap should resemble that of a custom paint job.

Truck wrapping is an excellent choice when advertising on a budget. Internet or TV advertising can be expensive and challenging to track the return on investment. On the other hand, when it comes to wrapping your vehicle, we’ve heard countless endorsements from customers. When it comes to vehicle wraps, this form of marketing has the potential to reach over 70,000 unique eyes per day. If you start to boil down how much you would spend on the wrap versus how much you’d make in return, it is well worth the investment.

Customized Wraps

Vehicle wraps can be optimized for all kinds of businesses and events. Typically, these wraps will be created with custom messages, colors, and graphics. Davis Signs And Graphics also offers the highest quality commercial wraps, with custom graphics, specialized effects and other unique colors that attract eyeballs to your vehicle. With our valuable experience in the industry, we can easily help you implement as effective a marketing campaign as possible. Any form of truck wrapping can easily last for a year, depending on how its treated. Instead of constantly paying for other forms of marketing, this advertising gets developed for a one-time fee and brings massive returns over time.

Any form of commercial vehicle wrapping can add your company logo and name to any type of vehicle you desire. Having worked previously for larger commercial clients, our wraps have stood the test of time. You can contact Davis Signs And Graphics today for more information or with any questions you may have. Our friendly staff is on standby, eager to help you understand the benefits of commercial vehicle wrapping.

Davis Signs And Graphics

Davis Signs And Graphics can make virtually any kind of signage you like in the design, style and material you desire. Our architectural signage will work for everyone. No matter how complicated a project may be, Davis Signs And Graphics is your #1 choice for all kinds of signs!

The Right Tagline
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The Correct Tagline

  • “The broader your tagline is, the more often people will forget about your product. The more focused it is, the more people will think about your product when a specific, real-world scenario happens. Then that tagline gets triggered, and they think about your product. You have to be specific and scenario-driven.”
    Rameet ChawlaFueled
  • “Taglines should evolve with the company and are not easy to create. Some easy pitfalls are trying to wrap what you do, why you do it, who you’re doing it for, and where you are doing it all in one tagline. Another easy pitfall is getting too cutesy. Not every slogan needs alliteration, a clever rhyme, or a pun.”
    Abby RossThinkCERCA
  • “A tagline needs to say a lot with a little. For example, at Astonish, our tagline is “The Best Friend of the Local Agent.” It speaks to our audience and says a ton. It says we care, we are here, we will support you in your time of need, we will celebrate with you in your time of success, a friend of yours is a friend of ours, and an enemy of yours is our enemy, too. That’s a powerful tagline!” Adam DeGraideAstonish
  • “A good slogan gets engrained in consumers’ heads the first time they are exposed to it. A good example of this is a local air conditioning company that uses controversy for its tagline: “Your wife is hot.” Citgo grabs attention by leveraging a play on words: “Fueling Good.” The same goes for an energy company that kills two birds with one slogan: “Changing the Current.” —Logan LenzEndagon
  • “You shouldn’t worry about being cool or edgy with your tagline. Your goal should be a tagline that encapsulates in a few words the best of what your company is. What is it about your product that will make people’s lives better? Now, evoke that with supreme economy. This is not easy to do. That is why there are copywriters.” Danny BoiceSpeek
  • Make sure your tagline provides a picture of what you do. Branding is all about clarity. Most people try to be too cute. For example, Lexus’s old tagline, “Pursuit of Perfection,” connects with their audience of high achievers who are literally pursuing perfection. What Lexus is signaling is that their car provides the visual evidence that you as the driver are pursuing perfection.” —Raoul DavisAscendant Group
  • “It’s true that the best taglines are simple and memorable, but they’re also something else: functional. A tagline should explain your product or service to potential customers or capture what it is that makes your business different from your competitors’ businesses.” Brittany HodakZinePak
  • “What’s your story? What gets you emotional when you think about what you do? Whatever it is, that’s your positioning. Your logo and tagline should communicate precisely that feeling. Also, get a great firm working at your side. Our investors, Breakaway Innovation Group, helped us tremendously with our new branding.” Jordan FliegelCoachUp
  • “Too many slogans and taglines today take what I call the “generic lifestylist” path. They’re vague and kind of hollow-sounding (think KFC’s “So Good” or The Source’s “I Want That”). You can practically see the soulless marketing meeting that happened behind the scenes. Instead, slogans and taglines should speak directly to a benefit.”
    Amanda AitkenThe Girl’s Guide to Graphic Design
  • “We see so many taglines that try to say too much. If you can’t explain to people in three to five words what you do, then it will be hard to communicate the vision to your employees. A slogan isn’t just about marketing success, it’s also about having internal customers see the vision and the mission that the company is working on.” Derek CapoNext Step China


Custom Neon LED Signs Costs 2022
Written by Craig B

Custom Neon LED Signs Costs 2022

The most common question that is asked generally revolves around how much do these custom neon LED signs to range in price? Typically, the ranges can cost anywhere around $250 upwards to $1,000+ USD – this generally depends on sizing and the form of complexity on the design of the sign.

Here we have been in the industry creating custom signs for decades. Working in all types of different industries helping manufacture and install custom LED signs. Does not matter the signage we work with all types of industries and peoples of all natures.

Here we will help elaborate on the common question most people have and that is “how much does it generally cost to have a custom neon LED sign created?” We will also explore other options on other signage and how those works, and costs paired with those as well.


Numerous Factors Impact the Price of Your Neon LED Sign

The sizing of the sign you want to be created obviously will impact your final rate. With that in mind, the bigger you decide to make your sign, the heftier the price will be. Some more common rates for signs are as listed below.

Smaller sized LED Signage: 18” by 24” – $200 – $500 + USD

Larger sized LED Signage: 3’ by 5’ these can range easily $1,000USD and beyond.

Some examples of dimensions that you can craft your sign around are as follows below:

24″ 24″ Neon LED Sign = 95 cubic inches

36″ x 36″ Neon LED Sign = 130 cubic inches

48″ x 48″ Neon LED Sign = 167 cubic inches

60″ x 24″ Neon LED Sign = 131 cubic inches


Smaller Signage Cost Significantly Less

On the contrary, when it comes to the signage itself the number of words or lettering on the sign will impact the rate of the overall Neon LED sign. More text, more money.

Along with this depending on the complexity of the sign can significantly increase the rate at which you expend for purchasing a sign of this nature. If you’re looking to add some form of imagery or custom logo work to your LED sign the price, of course, can increase as well. Simple graphic work can cost significantly less than a highly detailed design for your LED sign. Along with this if you’re looking for more complexity when it comes to color coordination this can increase the prices as well.

When LED signs are created, they are remarkably similar to fluorescent lights in the way that they are crafted. Typically, being heated to a point where the glass is malleable and able to be bent into different shapes and patterns crafting lettering. Keep this in mind as this is hand made most of the time and the more complex the design is, the harder it will be for the manufacturer to create the sign, thus resulting in more upfront payment.

Do some prior research on how these are crafted to get a better approach to how it works. Along with asking the person you’re working with questions about the service or product you’re looking to purchase and how much it may cost to accomplish the task at hand.


How Neon LED Signs Are Crafted

The vibrant colors that are generally produced from the neon sign itself are crafted by all different types of gasses and coatings. Not only restricted to neon coloring. Neon gasses are generally only used to craft up to around 1/3 of the coloring inside neon signage. This is included colors such as red, oranges, and more vibrant shades of pink.

There are also of course alternatives to neon lighting, for example, LED is an alternative. It can get quite confusing when working with the two, although they are different in the way they are birthed into life. LED tends to be more long-lasting in time. As durable as it is, these flexible LED signs are also even water-resistant.


Other Signage Choices

When it comes to different signage that especially is illuminated there are all types of ranges, sizes, and sorts of materials to choose from.

LED Signage that is meant for the front of stores typically ranges upwards from $1,000 to about $10,000+. There are other signs that are primarily focused on being digital and these can range anywhere from $5,000 and head above and beyond $100,000+.

The ideas of signage that you want to create and bring into this life and are curious about the price. The best option would be to contact a local company for some advice and a possible free quote!


Looking For a Custom Neon LED Sign Estimate?

If you are in the mark for a custom sign for yourself or for your business. You can contact our team of trained professionals to get your back. On-standby is willing to help answer all and any questions you may have regarding signs. We are a full-service signage company, from the crafting phase to the installation of the sign.

We have decades of experience back in our company and we are here to help you. Our business loves signs and everything that goes into the development of them. We’ve got you back when and are your one-stop shop when it comes to all and everything signs.

Instances where you need help or would like an estimate for your sign you can contact us today for a free quote!

Motorcycle Wrap Costs 2022
Written by Craig B

Motorcycle Wrap Costs 2022

The average price for wrapping a motorcycle is $2,750 with costs varying from $1,500 to $4,000 for the US in 2022. Read on to learn more.

Motorcycle Wraps

Vinyl wrapping continues to gain popularity, even though this material has been on the market for a long time. Vinyl wrapping utilizes high-quality materials, which create adhesive sheets that can put onto your bike. Whether you want to alter color or finish, vinyl wrapping is an excellent choice for bikers.

Benefits Of Motorcycle Wrap

The first benefit of vinyl wrapping is the ease of installation. To apply this material, less than half the time will be needed when compared to traditional paint jobs. Vinyl wrap takes only 2-3 days to apply to the bike. Traditional paint jobs can take upwards of 2 weeks to complete.

Once applied, this wrapping can last between 4-5 years with proper care. More importantly, the wrap will not impact your original paint job in any way. If you ever desire to change your bike’s look or go to back to the original paint, the removal process of vinyl wrapping is painless. All vinyl wraps are 100% removal.

  • Can last up to 5 years.
  • Protects the paint on your bike.
  • Less maintenance and upkeep.
  • Wrap is 100% removable.

Motorcycle Wrap Costs

Even though motorcycles are smaller than cars, wraps are more labor intensive due to the odd shapes and sizes. More parts and more curves will equate to larger labor costs. Depending on the type of material used and how much of the motorcycle needs to be wrapped.

Davis Signs And Graphics

Davis Signs And Graphics can make virtually any kind of signage you like in the design, style and material you desire. Our architectural signage will work for everyone. No matter how complicated a project may be, Davis Signs And Graphics is your #1 choice for all kinds of signs!

Car Wrap Costs 2021
Written by Craig B

Car Wrap Costs 2022

The average cost for a vehicle, in this case a car, wrap is $6,000 with prices ranging from $2,000 to upwards of $10,000 for the US in 2022.

Car owners are always looking for a form of customization to give their car the personal touch. And vinyl wrapping has become one of the newest and most stylish methods for achieving this. When you want your vehicle to look different and have a picture in your mind of the look you want, then it is time to consider the cost. Read on to learn more about car wraps!

Options & Colors

Essentially, a car wrap is several very large decals made from vinyl applied to every single panel of your car and covering the entire body of the car. Clearly, none of the vehicles original paint color will be visible on the outside and in that way a wrap is very similar to a new paint job. When a wrap is correctly applied and maintained, it can even help to protect your cars paint as opposed to damaging it. There are various finishes available in a wide range of colors including matte and glossy finishes as well as metallic color and chrome options to be had. As the wraps are designed by computer, there are almost endless designs and graphics available lending your car a unique style all of its own. Wraps can be placed strategically on the car, for example, to the doors or the hood or the complete exterior of the vehicle. Wraps that are clear are almost invisible and are often used by car owners so the front of their car can be protected from chips caused by debris and stones.

Condition of The Vehicle

The success of the wrap is somewhat contingent on the condition of your car. Dings, dents and scratches will show up and chipped paint or corrosion can mean the vinyl decals will not be able to affix themselves properly to your car. Wisely some shops will not perform a wrap on a car or offer a guarantee or even a warranty is the paint on the car is peeling and there is oxidation that is plain to see. When applied to such a surface, a wrap loses a great deal of its longevity. However if your car is in optimum shape you can expect your wrap to keep looking great for around 4 to 5 years – although that number can differ depending on exposure to the elements and the climate the car operates in. It also becomes more difficult to remove the wrap after that period of time.

The Application Process

Firstly, the surface paint on your car has to be thoroughly cleaned and be as smooth as possible prior to the wrap job. This process is laborious and can take several business days to complete to a high standard. In basic terms, the car starts with a a very thorough wash, then the car is detailed and a power washing process may also be applied as this assists the decals to adhere to the surface of the car in a better fashion. Once this process is complete, the shop may then remove headlights, taillights and bumper covers so the vinyl wrap can be taken to the edges and inside awkward to reach parts of the exterior. While it is true a wrap may be applied without this work, a better result is almost certain if the shop is granted the additional time to remove the aforementioned parts so they can work around the tougher areas. When the material is being applied, a heat gun if often utilized in order to work the vinyl on to the surface of the car. The more advanced wraps and graphics may take several layers to get the desired look. The whole surface of the car is then checked for any imperfections or air bubbles that have formed and the wrap is them smoothed out across the surface to give a faultless appearance.

Care & Maintenance

The climate in the area of the country you reside in has an impact on how much care and maintenance you need to practice in order to keep the wrapped car in tip-top shape. Baking sun and very high temperatures can cause the wrap to break down as time passes. In ideal circumstances, the car should be covered with a car cover or protected by being kept in a garage. However, there are also concerns if you live in a state that has a cooler climate. When it snows, the vinyl takes a beating from the salt that is applied to road surfaces. However, if you are fortunate enough not to live in a harsh environment, the wrap can last you four to five years. It is usually a simple process to remove or change a wrap. If the vinyl has fused to the paint surface you can expect to pay up to around $500 as it may not easily come off.

Davis Signs And Graphics

Davis Signs And Graphics can make virtually any kind of signage you like in the design, style and material you desire. Our architectural signage will work for everyone. No matter how complicated a project may be, Davis Signs And Graphics is your #1 choice for all kinds of signs! We also offer Vehicle Wraps in Ogden, Utah.

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