What Are Acrylic Signs?
Written by Craig B

Cleaning Acrylic Logo Signs

Washing The Acrylic Logo Sign

The best way to clean acrylic logo signs is with clean, lukewarm water and a clean, soft, nonabrasive, non-linting cloth. If the sign is large and located out of reach, you can use a pressure washer instead.  Mild soap or detergent can be mixed with the lukewarm water when necessary.

Drying The Acrylic Sign

For a streak-free sign, dry with a clean, dry soft cloth.  Gently blotting the sign with the cloth is the safest way to ensure a beautiful result. For signs that cannot be easily reached, you can simply allow the sign to air dry.

Signs That Need More Than Soap and Water

If your sign has a more stubborn cleaning problem, you can purchase cleaning agents designed specifically for acrylic. Make sure to double-check that any cleaner you purchase, other than a mild soap or detergent, is safe to use on acrylic. These products are specially designed to clean, polish or buff acrylic and can be found at your local hardware store or online.  Follow the directions on the product, use soft clean cloths, and your acrylic logo sign should continue to look as clean and brilliant as the day you bought it.

What Are Acrylic Signs?
Written by Craig B

What Are Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are made from a glossy finished plastic sheet known by the trademark, Plexiglass. When you are looking for a modern, hi-tech yet sophisticated appearance, acrylic with its wide variety of color options is a frequent choice for attention grabbing purchase, architectural and illuminated signs.

Sign Applications

  • Tradeshow exhibits
  • Signs and easels, all-in-one
  • Showroom signs
  • Retail signs
  • Restaurant signs
  • Point-of-purchase products
  • Office building signs
  • Nameplates and name badges
  • Menu boards
  • Directional and informational signs
  • Brochure holders
  • Boxes


You can enhance the visibility of your acrylic signs in the following ways:

  • Using non-glare acrylic to reduce glare problems
  • Using multiple layers of acrylic to enhance the image
  • Using bent easels
  • Incorporating a logo or graphic symbol
  • Designing custom applications
  • Creating a three-dimensional effect—giving the perception of depth to the finished product—using clear acrylic and applying a background color to the reverse side
  • Applying multiple lettering colors
  • Adding stripes and borders

Installation Methods

  • Using Velcro®
  • Using double-sided tape
  • Self-supporting (bent easel)
  • Hanging
  • Gluing
  • Applying suction cups


  • Use acrylic signs for long-term indoor use or for short-term outdoor use in areas protected by overhangs or awnings. (This does not apply to acrylic used in light box signs)
  • Handle acrylic signs with care because acrylic scratches easily and can shatter or chip upon impact
  • Do not leave acrylic in direct sun or in a hot car; it may bow or bend if not laying flat.
Custom Sign Fabrication
Written by Craig B

Custom Sign Fabrication

Davis Signs has awesome abilities for the fabrication of signs. They are experienced in all manner of sign building. Be it a fully customized one-off sign, to large scale signs for local, regional and nationwide projects. Using the latest technologies, the David Signs team lead the industry in signage manufacture. Read on to learn more about sign fabrication.

Sign Fabrication Equipment

  • Engravers utilizing laser technology
  • Letter machines controlled by computer
  • Booths for painting
  • A computer run waterjet machine
  • Sandblasting equipment
  • VL approved wiring and lighting
  • Welding, shear and bending equipment
  • Fully computer driven screen printing, digital graphics, vinyl printing and a large flatbed printer


We offer a wide range of finishes. For example:

  • Galvanizing, anodizing and polishing
  • Color matching
  • Faux finishing
  • Powder coating
  • Clear coat and base coat painting
  • Single stage polyurethane painting

Davis Signs can make virtually any kind of signage you like in the design, style and materials you like. Our architectural signage will work for nearly everyone. No matter how complicated a project may be, David Signs is your #1 choice for all kinds of signs!

Removing Nicotine From Vinyl Signs
Written by Craig B

Removing Nicotine From Vinyl Signs

It can be difficult to completely remove nicotine from vinyl signs. For a chemical-free approach, the best cleaner for nicotine on the sign is a solution of half vinegar and half water. When cleaning nicotine stains, the vinegar can also help to neutralize the lingering odor. Spray the vinegar solution and let it sit for several seconds before wiping it clean with a damp cloth. It can take several applications to complete. The best cleaner for nicotine on vinyl signs from a commercial standpoint is a product containing trisodium phosphate, or TSP. TSP is a general-purpose cleaner found in most home improvement stores.

Before cleaning the sign, put a tarp down on the floor to protect it from drips. It’s also a good idea to don cleaning gloves, as TSP can irritate the skin.

To remove nicotine from signs, follow the directions on the label for the proper amount of water to cleaner ratio. Dip a sponge or scrub brush in the cleaning solution and wipe or scrub until the stain disappears. It may take several passes for stains that are building up over time. Rinse the sponge in clean water and wipe the area clean of the cleanser.

It may not be possible to remove nicotine from signs that are too far gone, and they may have to be replaced.

Written by Davis Signs & Graphics

Commercial Signs and Printing

We Offer Commercial Signs and Printing

Looking to establish your brand in your industry through quality branding? Why not talk to Davis Signs & Graphics and get the kind of signage that is befitting to your company’s brand and image. We are a company that specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing a wide array of commercial signs for different organizations. Our experience in the commercial signs and printing industry over the years has ensured that we are capable of developing solutions that meet our client’s needs satisfactorily.

What Are Some of our Services?

We are not only insured but also licensed to offer services when it comes to signing design, installations, repair and maintenance under the following product range;

– LED Electronic signs

– Pylon Signs

– Monument Signs

– High Rise Signs

– Neon And Directional Signs

– General Printing

What Can You Expect Once You Contact Us?

Immediately you contact us our highly trained personnel will dispatch to your location where they will do three things;

  • After understanding the nature of your business, our professionals will listen carefully to your needs to establish the right product for you.
  • They will then recommend to you what they feel fits your needs and guide you further into choosing the specific product that matches your objectives.
  • After this, we will engage in a thorough designing process to produce a product customized to your preferred specifications.

Why You Should Choose Us

Fairly Priced

At Davis signs, we not only promise to offer you quality commercial signs and printing but also ensure that you get those signs at affordable prices. Our good reputation with our suppliers has ensured that we are capable of obtaining quality supplies at fair prices a benefit we are keen to transfer to you.


You can depend on us to deliver on every promise that we make and on time. Once you engage us officially we will ensure we take the shortest time possible to deliver your product to you with not delays. Over the years we have developed business processes that have improved our efficiency to the benefit of our clients.


Our promise is to make your brand stand out and we work with top notch professionals in the field to deliver on that. Our professionals are both skilled and experienced enough with an eye for latest commercial signs trends for better branding. So what we offer you will not only be quality but also both current and relevant.

Convinced that Davis Signs & Graphics are just the right company for your commercial signs and printing needs? Then give us a call today at (480) 945-0196 so that we can begin this journey of making your company the most talked about in your business area.